Welcome to New Diamond Partner - Accurate Instruments

2 August 2016

Our latest partnership is ideal for NZIS. Accurate Instruments not only supply an extensive range of instrumentation for a wide range of industries, but they also go to great depths to ensure clients achieve the results and accuracies needed to accomplish intended applications. They do this by providing comprehensive advice on the appropriate technology to use for particular projects, and by giving best practice instruction and training in correct onsite use and methodology.

“Accurate Instruments is an excellent fit for us as a partner” says Hadyn Smith, CEO, “I’m thrilled to have them aboard given the nature of our business - they can only add value by providing the best instrument accuracy services possible to NZIS members.”

The company is 100% New Zealand owned and is the Master Distributor in NZ for a number of International Instrument manufacturers.

Elle Archer, a Director of Accurate Instruments, explains the company’s ethos;

“We are proud to partner with NZIS in this capacity and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with the Institute.

In today’s world it is becoming more and more apparent that the supply and support of industry technology must have a holistic approach. Our ethos is to aide industry as best we can; by providing the right advice, technological solution/s, instrument support, and industry training and education.

Our company offers some of the world’s top quality trade instruments available, yet our pricing is highly competitive and represents value for money.We are instrument advisors, and aim to find the right solution for our client by careful analysis of the application and intended result.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, ethical industry responsibility, building and maintaining relationships, specialist advice and service, quality of product, and of course our people.

It is just as important to us to maintain great relationships with our suppliers as well as our clientele, and we pride ourselves on these successful networks.

We will endeavor to continue to serve our industries in Integrated Technology Solutions in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, as long as we keep moving forward and adapting to this ever changing landscape.”

Following is a list of the 8 Sales Divisions and 5 Support and Supply Departments Accurate Instruments offer. This will give you an idea of the depth and range of services now available to members.

Sales Divisions:

  • Laser Levels and Measuring Equipment
  • Safety Equipment, Gas Detectors and Sound Meters
  • Surveying Instrument and Accessories
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Geotechnical and Underground Investigation
  • 2D and 3D Machine Control
  • Thermography, Temperature, and Climate
  • Moisture Meters and Inspection

Support and Supply Departments:

  • Sales and Advisory
  • Service, Check, Repair, Calibration, and Certification
  • Industry Training and Education
  • Hire and Support
  • Wholesale.

Contact Accurate Instruments: www.accurate.kiwi, www.safety.kiwi