Advanced Survey and Title Services (ASaTS) Update

December 2016

LINZ is making good progress on our Advanced Survey and Title Services (ASaTS) project. This will eventually replace our Landonline system, and we’re keen to work with Surveyors and Lawyers to make sure it meets your needs.

Progress so far and next steps

We went out to market to seek expressions of interest from potential suppliers for ASaTS in April. Our aim is to find a supplier who can deliver ASaTS as a service. This means that instead of paying a supplier to build a system that we would then own, the supplier would deliver a suitable system that we will pay to use. Property Data would still belong to LINZ.

We are progressing through the procurement process and are now working with one supplier through the diligence phase before a decision is made to award a contract in mid 2017.

If this supplier is successful, we would work with them next year on the contractual terms and conditions along with the detailed design of the system, including land title and cadastral surveying functions. Building and delivering ASaTS is expected to take place between 2018 and 2021.

Working with our stakeholders

ASaTS will modernise the service we offer, allowing it hold a more complete picture of land in New Zealand and offering a system that can be used on mobile devices and tablets. But we’re also taking steps to make sure these and other improvements work for customers.

We’re working closely with NZIS and the Land Titles Committee of the NZLS Property Law Section, who will provide feedback and advice as stakeholder working groups. We’re also creating an ASaTS stakeholder forum, which will involve representatives from both property lawyers and cadastral surveying, and give us another way to use our customer’s knowledge in developing ASaTS.

We’re keen to ensure that NZIS is represented and engaged with the project, we are fortunate that in addition to the NZIS Working Group Mark Allan will be a member of the Stakeholder Forum, who will have a role in the project’s governance. We’ll continue to work with our stakeholders to keep you updated as we move towards a better, more user friendly survey and title system with ASaTS.