New Spatial Awards Announced

NZIS is pleased to announce the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards (NZSEA) to members. These awards will be of interest to most surveying firms with a spatial connection.

NZSEA is a joint venture between the spatial profession, business and government to hold annual awards for all sectors, disciplines and communities that make up the spatial industry. Each partner will contribute its resources and expertise to ensure the awards reach the highest standards of excellence and independence.

The inaugural event will be held 27 November 2014 at a gala dinner to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington. The event will showcase the finalists and present the awards to the winners. Winners of the New Zealand event will be entered into the annual Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (date and location to be confirmed).

Proposed categories of the awards include:

Spatially Enabled Government

Innovation and Commercialisation

Land Titling and Development

People and Community

Infrastructure and Construction

Environmental Sustainability

Business Solution

Award for Overall Excellence.

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