Eighty 4 Recruitment - New Diamond Partnership

Recruitment and HR Services Add Another Dimension to NZIS Membership

NZIS has entered into an exciting new dimension of national partnerships with the signing of an agreement with Eighty4 Recruitment. The partnership is focused on Recruitment and Human Resources support for NZIS members. NZIS members are eligible to one HR or Recruitment consultation free of charge (for up to one hour) from Eighty4 Recruitment. This is a maximum of one per member and company per financial year.

This will be particularly valuable for members who do not have their own in-house resources to deal specifically with recruitment and human resource issues.

Eighty4 Recruitment is 100% NZ owned and operated, specialising in Engineering and Construction across New Zealand. They have access to local and global networks of candidates, including returning kiwis.

The company was recommended by our people who have worked with Director, Mark Fisher. The agreement reflects areas that offer a tangible way to help to many NZIS members. A key issue that comes to the fore each year for members is recruitment and HR. We see this offer as a creditable resource that will add value to both the business and the individual as may be required. says Hadyn Smith, NZIS CEO.

If members want to check out the details of the new Diamond Partnership they can go to the Member's Benefits page.They can also look at the series of adverts explaining the process in the June editions of Newslink and the Survey Quarterly.

All NZIS Diamond Partners can always be found on the front page of the NZIS website. Our family of three now includes:


Glenn Stone Insurance and

Eighty4 Recruitment.