Our History

The New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS) is an incorporated society originally established in 1888 to monitor and maintain the professional and ethical conduct of surveyors in New Zealand. It was as a national body to preserve and develop the integrity and status of the profession of surveying. Currently there are 16 branches throughout New Zealand and one in Hong Kong. Members are supported by a National Office based Wellington and guided by an elected president and councillors.

In 2013, NZIS broadened its governance and membership to include spatial and GIS professionals with the aim of expanding, enhancing and supporting \ professional skills.

The Role of Surveyors in New Zealand

Amongst many important roles, surveyors fulfill a role in the land title system of New Zealand, helping to protect the integrity of land ownership and property rights.

Functions of the Institute
  • Promote and encourage ethical conduct of the profession
  • Protect and enhance the integrity and status of the surveying and spatial professions
  • Protect and promote the interests of surveying and spatial professions
  • Protect and promote the interests of the public in regard to work undertaken by members
  • Promote greater awareness of the value and benefits of surveying and spatial information to the community
  • Promote careers in surveying and spatial information
  • Provide opportunities for the acquisition and communication of knowledge in relation to surveying and GIS and spatial profession and related matters
  • Advocate on the law relating to land, surveys and surveying including GIS and spatial issues
  • Iidentify, inform and influence decision makers on national and community issues.