Comments Urgently Sought on Issue Paper- Supply and Development Capacity of Land for Housing in Urban Areas

The Land Development and Urban Design Professional Stream is currently consulting with members on Supply and Development Capacity of Land for Housing in Urban Areas of New Zealand.

The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake an enquiry into the supply and development capacity of land for housing in urban areas of New Zealand. Submissions from the public are sought by the Commission with the Issues Paper available on the website

NZIS intends to make a submission as experts in land development & tenure systems to the Inquiry and we are asking for assistance from all Branches (especially growth areas)to help out with material to include in the submission. We will also seek to meet with the Productivity Commission. The Issues paper includes 74 questions to consider and while it might be good to provide answers to all of these it is not absolutely necessary to do this and we will probably group them. It seems better to provide quality and more in depth answers to a select number, so if you are able to support the Institute with comment, opinion and factual evidence for up to say, your top ten most relevant questions, that should provide us with suitable information with which to construct a useful submission. It is important that the Institute suggest solutions and provide factual evidence that the Commission can rely on to satisfy the terms of reference. Broad statements like, for example, Council's charge too much for development contributions, are too indebted to provide infrastructure and risk adverse, RMA too complex, property cycles effect sector in finance/workload/resources are probably not that helpful and the focus should be on matters that will help to formulate policy at a later date.

Submissions closed in late December but we are one of a number of organisations that have approval to submit at a later date. The final submission will be assembled by Jason Cargo, Barry Sayer and Phil Rhodes with assistance from National Office. All replies should be sent as soon as possible to:,

It is important we are seen by the Government as offering an expert submission that is evidence based.

Please send comments by Monday 19 Januaryto give the writers time to finalise the document without too much delay.