LINZ Proposed Guide for Canbterbury Earthquake Affected Cadastre

Feedback is being sought from the surveying profession on the recently released LINZ document - Proposed guidance for surveyors locating boundaries in areas affected by shallow surface movement caused by the Canterbury earthquakes .

LINZ is asking members to focus feedback on the suitability of this guidance for future application to boundary determinations both in Christchurch and potentially the rest of New Zealand where earthquakes cause shallow surface movement.

The Canterbury Branch Working Party is collating an immediate response and will be reporting back to the Surveyor-General by March 4.

However, in addition to the above process, and after receiving feedback from members outside of Canterbury, the Surveyor-General agreed to extend the timeframe to allow time for the wider NZIS membership (those outside Canterbury) to provide feedback on the proposed guidance. It has been agreed that the close–off date for this wider feedback will be 11 March 2015.

The NZIS Cadastral Stream is also formulating a response to the extended deadline. If anyone has a particular set of skills in this area then they should contact the NZIS CEO, who will forward your email to the Cadastral Stream Chair.

Given the seriousness of this issue, NZIS Council is working to identify the additional consequential impacts of this guidance on surveys undertaken over the past 4 years and would be interested in members thoughts and opinions. Please forward these to Further consideration will be undertaken by NZIS and raised with LINZ following the initial process. We will keep members informed as this progresses.

All members are being encouraged to take the time to make an individual or business submission.This can go directly to LINZ via the online form on their website information page.