Canterbury Earthquake Affected Cadastre – April Update

8 April 2014

Sector Leaders Group Established

Jeff Needham, NZIS President and Mark Allan, CSNZ have joined a Sector Leaders group brought together in recognition of the need for LINZ to take a broader approach - this was reflected in feedback received from surveyors working in Christchurch. The group ( Canterbury Property Boundaries Project Sector Leaders Group) includes leaders from across industry, government and professional bodies. The first formal meeting was held Thursday 2 April and it is anticipated that a substantive meeting will soon be held with the Canterbury Working Group to get a clear understanding from the surveyors’ point of view.

Canterbury Working Group Update

The first Canterbury Working Group response to the proposed guidance has been sent to LINZ (see the link next page to view). The document was prepared by the Working Group, based on their review of member’s feedback from LINZ's initial round of consultation.

LINZ have advised the Working Group that a high level programme of work is being drafted which will provide a frame for the work that LINZ expect to undertake in collaboration with the Working Group. At this stage it is not known what this programme will include or when a draft will be available for NZIS review.

It is understood that the LINZ Processing Centre are currently pragmatically assessing all survey datasets as indicated by the Surveyor-General on 13-Mar 2015 and that there is now an acceptance of practical definition outcomes where they can be fully supported by sound surveyed evidence and a comprehensive report.

As part of the information gathering process, Canterbury Branch on behalf of the Working Group, recently issued a questionnaire to firms practising in Canterbury (via Survey Monkey) to understand from a business perspective how firms are now approaching boundary redefinition surveys, and whether their approach has changed since the release and subsequent retraction of the LINZ February guidance. The results have been compiled and will be analysed by the CSNZ Canterbury who are better positioned to address any of the commercial issues highlighted by the results.

If members wish to provide feedback or comments on any aspect of the determination of boundaries issue, they should email the Branch Secretary in the first instance:

Regular updates are being distributed by the Working Party to Canterbury members, Streams and Branches as required.

NZIS Canterbury Working Group Response One document is available on the website (requires a log-in):

Linz News Items 13 March 2105:

LINZ News Item 20 March 2015 :

The LINZ Guidance document :