Canterbury Earthquake Affected Cadastre - May Update

The Canterbury property boundaries work is progressing well and there have been several meetings between the Canterbury Property Boundaries Leaders Group established by LINZ and the NZIS Working Party. The sector leaders group includes Jeff Needham and Mark Allan along with representatives from LINZ, CERA, EQC, NZ Law Society, NZ Insurance Council, Christchurch City Council.

The group met on 1 May to consider potential options for addressing property boundary issues facing property owners in Christchurch’s eastern suburbs. It was agreed that the main objectives of any selected option should be to minimise barriers to the rebuild associated with boundary uncertainty, and to provide current and future property owners with continued confidence in their legal property titles. It was also agreed that it was important to recognise the realities of ground movement, and take into account any rebuild activity that has already occurred on affected properties. Three options were put forward to be considered against these objectives, which were: that property boundaries have moved with any earthquake-related ground movement, that they have not moved, and that the status quo is maintained.

Over the coming weeks LINZ officials will be exploring with a broader group of stakeholders the detail and implications of the option where affected property boundaries have moved with earthquake-related ground movement. As part of this, LINZ will involve members of sector organisations as well as others including property owners, the banking sector, real estate industry, other councils in the Canterbury region and Ngai Tahu.

The next meeting will be later this month and it is anticipated that LINZ will draw on this work to present options for Ministerial consideration in June or July.

If members wish to provide feedback or comments on any aspect of the determination of boundaries issue, they should email the Branch Secretary in the first instance: .

Regular updates are being distributed by the Working Party to Canterbury members, Streams and Branches as required.

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