Canterbury Earthquake Affected Cadastre - June Update

15 June 2015

The Sector Leaders Group met again on Friday 29 May to look at the detail of the potential options for addressing property boundary issues facing property owners in Christchurch. The group consists of representatives from NZIS, LINZ, CERA, EQC, NZ Law Society, NZ Insurance Council, Christchurch City Council and Government.

NZIS has a strong voice in this group and are being listened to at the highest level. Canterbury is well represented by the NZIS President, Jeff Needham and NZIS Board member, Mark Allan as part of the Sector Leaders Group,and by the Canterbury Working Party comprised of Chris Hawes, Rita Clark; Paul Durkin; Darren Hocken; Craig McInnes; Chris Scott and Chaired by Brent George.

The Working Party continueto provide valuable input and have recently responded to a further request to provide feedback on vertical movement to the Sector Leaders Group.

The Sector Leaders Group has agreed to support the solution preferred by the Working Party and there is broad support for the option where affected property boundaries have moved with earthquake-related ground movement.The group agrees that relative to the other options available, this option best responds to the realities of ground movement, recognises rebuild activity that has already occurred, protects the rights of property owners, minimises cost and disruption to property owners, and does not delay rebuild activities.

There are a range of implications that LINZ is currently working through, including the impact on property owners, whether legislative changes are required, and whether rule changes for surveyors will be needed. The final decision is one for Cabinet to make, so LINZ will be putting the results of the Group’s analysis forward to the Minister for Land Information in the next fortnight, with the aim that Cabinet will be in a position to make their decision by early July. The group are looking forward to having an agreed approach that reflects the views of key stakeholders and provides certainty for property owners, and those working to support the rebuild in Christchurch.

The Sector Leaders Group will reconvene after the Cabinet decision is made in July.

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