Otago School of Surveying - Graduate Recruitment 2015

SCHOOL OF SURVEYING - Graduate Recruitment

Advertising and Interviewing 2015

The School of Surveying wishes to advise that the

student recruitment period in 2015 will be:

Job Advertising/Marketing Period

Starts 13 July - Finishes 31 July

(Please note - students return from their mid-year break on Monday 6 th July.)

An A4 advertising poster should be (save as a Word or PDF document)

Attached and emailed to: margaret.newall@otago.ac.nz

Interviewing Period

3 rd August - Finishes 14 th August

Employers seeking assistance (interviewing space, presentation rooms etc)

are requested to adhere to these dates.

Employers are also invited to advertise on the OUSSA Students web site at a cost of $25

(contact: powbe428@student.otago.ac.nz for details).

For further information please contact:

Margaret.newall@otago.ac.nz Phone: 03 4797585