Land Title Surveys in New Zealand Book Back Online

Development of the book was a major project spanning 7 years involving countless hours of volunteer and paid effort. At the time it was a significant step forward for NZIS into defining NZ surveying knowledge and making it easily available to our members.

The book, which is the 2nd edition dated 2009, followed 25 years after the publication of thehighly valued first edition created by Max Watkins. Many members contributed to various Chapters but Edition 2 is mainly the result of the vision, commitment and years of intensive work and research by editor Don McKay, FNZIS and the editorial team consisting of of Andrew Blackman and Wayne Nickles.

The book was taken offline late 2015 due to a technical issue with the dated website it was sitting on. It consists of 14 Chapters and some of the links to appendices and additional reading material are still to be completed. Section 2, a fully hyperlinked glossary has not yet been re-established. The 'work in progress' Chapters are noted on the website pages and in the index list.

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