Reasons to Attend Our International conference (in NZ)

FIG Working Week - Recovery from Disaster

Tuesday 2 May - Thursday 5 May, Christchurch, New Zealand

The FIG Working Week replaces the NZIS Conference for 2016.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the conference and why it is so important for our profession and for NZIS members to attend this international event in May. The following should answer those questions:

Q : Why is the Working Week so important to NZIS members?

The FIG Working Week replaces the NZIS Conference for 2016 and your support is critical for this event to be a success. It took a huge effort over several years to bring the international Working Week to New Zealand for the professional benefit of everyone.

This is only the fourth time since its inception that FIG has held an international event of this size in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s one of the rare opportunities for NZ professionals to rub shoulders with their international peers and find out what is happening over the entire spectrum of the surveying and spatial profession on a global scale.

Because it’s so important, we have negotiated an extension to the early-bird rate for NZ registrations only.

Members should note that the NZIS AGM will still be held around October as per the constitution.

Q: How many are coming?

So far there are around 600 registered to attend plus Young Surveyors. Many of these delegates are from around the world and we estimate between 800 to 1,000 will be the final attendance number. We have received over 400 abstracts for presentations in the technical commissions including many from NZ.

Q: Is the event really a week long?

No – the actual technical conference programme providing most benefit for members runs three days from Tuesday to Thursday – the same length as the normal NZIS conference. The rest is FIG level administration that most individuals would have no need to attend.

NZIS has a governance level of engagement with FIG and sends a representative that reports on key outcomes and the Commission meetings. Check the programme at

Q: How will the FIG WW 2016 help me in business?

The surveying and spatial landscape will change significantly in the next five to 10 years. Well known and respected economists such as Shamubeel Eaqub are saying it - changing dynamics in NZ are forcing it and the IT revolution is demanding it. NZIS Council and Board have recognised this and it’s one of the key reasons why we have invested heavily in securing the FIG Working Week for New Zealand and our members i.e. each commission is looking to their future.

Q: What’s in it for me as an individual?

No matter what your background or skill set, the technical papers will deliver examples of success and lateral thinking from all parts of the world. Seventy of the 400 technical abstracts submitted and accepted are from NZ, making for a great and relevant mix. This is a very rare opportunity to hear and experience the profession in action nationally and internationally, to grow your networks and opportunities (the internet is removing those old barriers) and contemplate your own future from an informed and perhaps inspired perspective.

Q: Should Young Professionals attend?

Absolutely – FIG is deeply committed to supporting the future careers of YPs – they provide international support and YPs have their own programme and social events throughout the week.

Because it is such an important educational opportunity, NZIS Council and Board are subsidising branches financially to encourage YPs to attend. If you are a YP and keen to attend get more details from your Branch exec in the first instance or contact

Q: What is it going to cost me to attend?

The low cost will surprise many and this is perhaps the cheapest option anyone will ever have for a NZIS member to be exposed to this level of world thinking. In effect the world is coming to us so we have made attendance rates lower than any other professional conference we can find, as follows:

i.Special NZ rate for NZIS members only is now extended until the end of March - $780 + GST.

ii.Room rates pencilled in that range from $90 + GST up. The cheaper rooms are going fast but everything is comparatively affordable.

iii.Special Air NZsupport for this event (they allow us to support speakers). You must use the booking code and the Star Alliance website code: NZ01S16.

Q: What about support events and technical programmes?

With 10 different areas, there are many items and topics offering a huge and diverse range. Take a look at the technical programme offered:

Q: Is there a social programme?

Again, so many items – some free of charge, some at a cost. A varied and exciting range of activities is offered from dinners right through to tours, home hospitality and a rugby game option to see one of the most successful rugby franchises in action - Crusaders vs the Queensland Reds. See the full list of options:

Q: What is FIG?

FIG stands for the Fédération Internationale des Géomètres (anglicised to International Federation of Surveyors). It was formed in Paris in 1878 and is the international, non-political body that leads our sector and profession worldwide. NZIS is a long-term member of FIG which holds one major internationally focussed event each year. In May this year NZIS is co-hosting that event, along with FIG, in Christchurch with a fitting theme of “Recovery from disaster”. Around 470 abstracts have been submitted world-wide and these feed into the ten FIG Commissions - each having a particular ‘profession focus’ area during the week.

These are:

·Commission 1 - Professional Practice

·Commission 2 - Professional Education

·Commission 3 - Spatial Information Management

·Commission 4 - Hydrography

·Commission 5 - Positioning and Measurement

·Commission 6 - Engineering Surveys

·Commission 7 - Cadastre and Land Management

·Commission 8 - Spatial Planning and Development

·Commission 9 - Valuation and the Management of Real Estate

·Commission 10 - Construction Economics and Management.

Q How do I register?

This is simple – do it online at

Don’t forget you have till the end of March to still get the early-bird rate.