Our People

NZIS Council

Elected by members, the Council provides governance for NZIS.


Mark Allan


Rebecca Strang


  • Greg Byrom – Spatial Professional Stream
  • Phillip Cogswell – Land Development and Urban Design Professional Stream
  • Michael Cutfield – Engineering Professional Stream
  • Christina Hulbe – Tertiary
  • Melissa O'Brien – Young Professionals
  • Guy Panckhurst – Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand
  • Matt Ryder – Cadastral Professional Stream
  • Bruce Wallen – Hydrography Professional Stream
  • Rachelle Winefield – Positioning and Measurement Professional Stream
  • Elaine McAlister – Women in Surveying/Spatial
  • Daniel Williams – Board Representative to Council

NZIS Board

The Board is responsible to the Council and members for organisational health and prosperity.

  • Andrew Stirling (Chair)
  • Mark Allan (as President)
  • Bruce Anderson (Independent)
  • Simon Jellie
  • Rebecca Strang (Vice-President)
  • Daniel Williams
  • Thomas Gibbons (Independent)

Audit & Risk Committee

  • Andrew Stirling
  • Syd Beguely (Independent)
  • Mark Goodin
  • Bruce Kiddle

Chief Executive

  • Hadyn Smith


NZIS has 16 regional branches and one in Hong Kong.