Live Streaming - GNSS/GPS Seminar for Cadastral Surveying

  • Online - Live Streaming
  • 20 November 2017

Live Streaming

GNSS/GPS Seminar for Cadastral Surveying

This event will be live streamed via YouTube. AUT Auckland will be managing this streaming event and it will be a live real time streaming session of the Auckland seminar.

Seminar Overview

GNSS/GPS units are now extensively used by surveyors carrying out cadastral surveys. However, there are some significant variations on how surveyors use GNSS and with many not fully understanding how they work and whether they are getting correct results.

The purpose of this seminar is to convey to surveyors the best practice techniques in using GNSS/GPS reliably in cadastral surveys. Additionally, there has been some debate in the industry on what constitutes a measured and calculated GNSS vector and the expert’s presenters will seek to clarify and explain the points on both sides of the debate.

The following speakers will present their opinions on the topics below.

Bruce Robinson – Global Survey

Reece Gardner – 3d World New Zealand

Tony Nikkel – Nikkel Surveying Ltd

Paul Denys – University of Otago

GPS 101 – Paul Denys

  • GNSS Basic theory
  • Base Stations (how do they work and do they constitute a measured or calculated vector from base to rover)
  • Definition of calculated and measured GNSS vectors
  • Do GNSS units measure coordinates or vectors
  • Future improvements due to GPS L5, Galileo, BeiDou & QZSS
  • Myths and Misconceptions
  • Questions from the floor

Accuracies – Bruce Robinson

  • Precision vs Accuracy ( DOPs are not accuracy)
  • Radio protocols / interference / and range ... a beginners guide... for accuracy and performance.
  • What distance can the rover be away from the base for reliable results?
  • Will atmospheric differences at the base and rover affect the accuracy?
  • Multipath
  • Solar storms
  • Questions from the floor

Cadastral GNSS Surveys – Reece Gardner

  • Scale and Orientation considerations
  • What are Ellipsoidal distances
  • Recommended measurement styles for cadastral surveys
  • Recommended length of observation times (epochs) to reliably measure cadastral vectors
  • Network RTK vs Single base RTK for cadastral surveys
  • NZVD 2016 for cadastral surveys
  • Questions from the floor

GNSS Vectors on Datasets – Tony Nikkel

  • GNSS data reduction for Cadastral Purposes – Practitioners perspectives
  • LINZ ruling http://www.linz.govt.nz/kb/333and the management of risks
  • RCS2010 Rule 8 specified measured distances are to be supplied with CSDs
  • The importance of homogenous datasets
  • GNSS data presentation options in Landonline.
  • Why the need for GNSS dataset simplification
  • Dataset simplification suggestions
  • GNSS observed data – Dataset survey reporting and attached field note suggestions
  • Questions from the floor

Panel Discussion + LINZ rep - Chaired by a Cadastral Stream member

  • Check observations. What is the best method of ‘independently’ checking GNSS observations? Time differences or different base stations etc
  • What time difference is recommended for ‘independent’ check GNSS observations
  • Should only vectors between receivers simultaneously recording be classed as measured?
  • Are vectors between marks observed at different epochs measured or calculated?
  • Should GNSS vectors be rounded to match underlying plans
  • Questions from the floor

Cost: Members: $140.00 (+ Gst) Non-Members $180.00 (+Gst)

Duration: 4 Hours (4 CPD Points)

Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm

Date: Monday 20 th November 2017

Venue: Auckland University of Technology - City Campus, WG Building , 55 Wellesley Street East, Auckland

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