Our People

NZIS Council

Elected by members, the Council provides governance for NZIS.


Rebecca has been Vice-President for two years and prior to this, was actively involved at the branch level and as a leader of the Young Professionals group.

Based in Auckland, Rebecca’s professional role is Digital Practice Leader at Aurecon NZ - a global engineering and infrastructure advisory company. Her role is to help the organisation to define the way they deliver projects to their clients in the most efficient and consistent way.

Rebecca Strang, President


Guy Panckhurst


  • Kathryn Salm – Spatial Professional Stream
  • Julia Glass – Land Development and Urban Design Professional Stream
  • Michael Cutfield – Engineering Professional Stream
  • Christina Hulbe – Tertiary
  • Robert Mears – Young Professionals
  • Paul Newton – Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand
  • Matt Ryder – Cadastral Professional Stream
  • Emily Tidey – Hydrography Professional Stream
  • Rachelle Winefield – Positioning and Measurement Professional Stream
  • Elaine McAlister – Women in Surveying/Spatial
  • Daniel Williams – General Councillor

NZIS Board

The Board is responsible to the Council and members for organisational health and prosperity.

  • Andrew Stirling (Chair)
  • Michelle Bain
  • Jordan Alexander (Independent)
  • Simon Jellie
  • Rebecca Strang (As President)
  • Daniel Williams
  • Thomas Gibbons (Independent)

Audit & Risk Committee

  • Andrew Stirling
  • Syd Beguely (Independent)
  • Mark Goodin
  • Bruce Kiddle

Chief Executive

  • Hadyn Smith


NZIS has 16 regional branches and one in Hong Kong.