Kairuri Community Trust Launched

  • 23 May 2018

Kairuri Community Trust Launched

An exciting legacy for the future was launched at the NZIS conference in Nelson – after several years of planning, the Kairūri Community Trust was launched to NZIS members, sponsors and commercial partners at the conference dinner.

Kairūri means ‘surveyor’ in Maori which makes it a fitting name for the Trust which has the aim of fostering the future of the surveying and spatial community.

The launch included an auction of items contributed by Accurate Instruments, Allterra and Global Survey and was followed by a very generous donation from Glenn Stone Insurance.

Jayne Perrin-Glenn Stone

Trustee Jayne Perrin accepting Glenn Stone Insurance's donation to the KCT.

Hadyn Smith, NZIS CEO says “the Trust is off to a great start with $20000 being raised on the night. It’s great to see involvement from everyone at such an early stage which bodes well for the Trust’s future.”

The purpose of the trust is to benefit the profession and the community and create a legacy for the future. The Trustees’ objective is to build up awareness, grow and educate the public on the surveying and spatial community. This future focus gives benefactors the opportunity to provide educational scholarships, support inclusive school programmes, foster diversity and encourage the next generation of surveying and spatial professionals.

Bill Robertson, ONZM and Trust Chair believes, “the trust can give surveying and spatial careers an awareness; a real lift in developing future work readiness. I believe the Kairuri Trust is being established at a critical time for our industry and can develop an important strategic support role for the future. While it will serve as an opportunity for general purpose donations, it will also provide a valuable focus for developing our sector to meet future needs and challenges. The Trust Board will aim to manage its resources so that contributions to it will be both donations and an investment in a sustainable future. We are ambitious for this Trust and will seek a collaborative approach with the industry and all participants in our sector. We hope for all donors to be continuing partners and contributors of input and feedback as well as funding. 

The concept of helping the communities we live in is huge and all the trustees are extremely excited about the potential effect this can have on young people and the sector.”

The Trust aims to support allied causes that are currently unfunded or in need of economic backing. They will be looking to address issues, encourage diversity in the profession, create equal opportunities for people who may be disadvantaged by gender, ethnicity, social or economic conditions.

Other key aims are the preservation of historical records that are vital to the understanding of the profession, and supporting research scholarships and school programmes that are essential to advancing the science of the industry.

An essential aspect of the Trust, reflected in the charitable status and the appointment of independent Trustees, is the complete independence from NZIS operations. The Trustees are well respected in the surveying and spatial community. Trust Chair Bill Robertson, ONZM is joined by Trustees Jayne Perrin of Beca, and David Fox, founder of Fox & Associates.

Trustees Jayne Perrin, Bill Robertson and David Fox.

There are several options for people to contribute to the Trust including bequeaths, donations, attending fundraising events and gifting. To find out how you can support the Kairūri Community Trust visit www.kairuri.org.